Not so Smiley

Last night, while I was immersed in playful doodles on my iPad, something truly unique emerged – the «Not So Smiley» design. Inspired by the iconic yellow smiley face of the 80s, this pattern takes a twist by embracing the full range of emotions we experience in real life. It beautifully captures the truth that not every day is filled with smiles.


Today, I’m thrilled to share with you the application of the «Not So Smiley» pattern. It’s a delightful mix of happy and not-so-happy faces, capturing the essence of our complex emotions. Life is a rollercoaster, and this design serves as a gentle reminder that it’s perfectly okay not to be smiling all the time.


Bringing this pattern to life has been an absolute joy, and I hope it resonates with you too. It’s a celebration of authenticity and the beauty found in embracing our true emotions. Let’s embrace the full spectrum of feelings and proudly rock this «Not So Smiley» pattern! ??


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Stay tuned for more exciting creations on the horizon, and don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences with the «Not So Smiley» pattern.
Together, let’s celebrate the beautiful complexities of life and encourage one another to embrace our true selves!



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